Ground covers included with all water inflatables. Ground covers reduce mud and saves your yard!

The Ultimate Module Dry Slide---$275

Much like our Monster slide but without the pool.

This slide is a bit shorter then some of our others but slide height is taller and steeper as well.


You can connect this slide with the Ultimate Module Challenge 2-piece obstacle




Approx28x14x19 (LxWxH)

24Ft Dry Slide - $275

This awesome slide is 24'tall x 32'long and 18' wide.



32x18x24 (LxWxH)


23ft Rip N Dip Wet/Dry Slide    $325 Wet/$275 Dry

Approx 12 x 38 x 23 (WXLXH) Wet

Approx 12 x 26 x 23 (WXLXH) Dry

23ft Rocking Rapids wet/dry slide








Pair this Slide with our Lumber Jack Bounce





38x17x23 (LxWxH)


Monster Splash water slide with pool---$325





Who needs a water park? The Monster Splash Water Slide with Pool is an awesome portable water slide experience, a great way to cool down at any outdoor event. This massive slick slide offers great value with side-by-side wet slides ready to take guests on the ultimate water thrill ride. The impressive 18-foot Monster Splash Water Slide features a unique attached pool, and a No-Jump top, so riders can securely glide over and over again. The Monster Splash Water Slide offers an eye-attracting color scheme, and its 45-foot length is sure to stand out in a crowd.

45x12x18 (LxWxH)


18Ft Wet/Dry Super Splash




  Length: 33'0"

  Width: 14'

  Height: 18"




This water slide has a "splash pool" at the bottom

California Wave Slip N Slide   $225

The California Wave wet slide brings a hang ten opportunity to your guests, with fantastic details that make this an inflatable no one will want to miss. Riders will be yelling "Bonzai" as they enter this amazing ocean-inspired horizontal slide, and then cruise from the pool to the curving wave crest on the other side. Players can catch primo surfing action in this clever surf n slide, without having to travel to Cali-forn-i-a! Strictly for wet action, the California Wave slide is sure to add cool and gnarly surfer action to any celebration.


  Length: 35'0"

  Width: 11'2"
  Height: 8'4"
3D Image is courtesy of Ninja Jump.
3D Image is courtesy of Ninja Jump.
3D Image is courtesy of Ninja Jump.

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