Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the best place to put my inflatables?

The best place to put an inflatable is on flat, even ground. Gyms are preferred. Grass is best, and parking lots are OK too.


  • Will I have to provide power for the event?

Power for the event is provided by us. If the inflatable is at a private residence or if there is only one inflatable present, then we do ask that there is an electrical outlet within 100 feet of the inflatable. Generators are always available for only the cost of fuel. ($15-$25)

  • How long can i have the inflatable?

Our inflatables are available for one day rentals. We will usually drop the inflatable off in the morning and Pick up when the event is over. If an inflatable package is rented, our event coordinators will stay on site to ensure everything runs smoothly.


  • What do I have to do when i rent for an event?

Be it a small or large event, you as a customer must provide an operator for each inflatable or concession. However, we can operate each piece for an additional charge. We ask that each volunteer is at the assigned piece so that they can be trained properly in the operation and safety of each piece.


  • How far will you travel?  

Delivery within 25 miles is free! We will deliver anywhere outside of 25 Miles for .70 cents a mile ROUND TRIP.                                                                                                                                  




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